A backup backup server?!

October 16th, 2006

Apparently I need a backup for my backup vps, which is currently unreachable. I know it’s still running because I’m still getting e-mail from it through gmail – messages indicating that it’s unable to connect to any of the other servers! And this is what you’re seeing on the monitor display – the grey means no data, and clearly the monitor script needs improvement because really it should show all grey for the past hour or so.

Meanwhile, to get some real monitor results, I’ve started up the old linux machine on my own dsl connection. It’s a good idea every week or two anyway since it will sync all the accounts and give me another off-site backup – one that’s easily copied to DVD.

Potentially a problem though is that I now have two systems both trying to write the monitor data to a single host. I need some elegant way to deal with this…

Update: The VPS is now back online and all is normal. To avoid the monitor data issue I changed the value of MONITOR_RESULT_DIR on the second machine. The final step to redundancy is to use a redirect on the monitor server which would send the backup data if the main data is unavailable.

Monitor demo

October 8th, 2006