This page is intended as a guide to the current status, a quick-reference to the commands and a road-map for future development of ClonePanel. Click on a feature name for documentation (if not linked this is not yet written – sorry!).

Current download on the site is v0.32.

Feature v0.30 v0.31 v0.32 Command examples Comments
Installation β β β ./install Sets up data for this server (the backup store / monitor / controller).
Set up first server β β β ./server add
./server -H HOST1NAME -a IP [-i IP -n IP -d WHM|BIND|NONE -o “VARNAME=value”] add|del
Writes data to hosts/HOSTNAME
Set up master account β β β ./account add
./account -H hostname -u username [-r role -o “VARNAME=value”] add|del
Writes data to accounts/username. Calls setup_remote_key to give access to this account on remote server.
Set up databases β β β ./database add
./database -d username_dbname [ -u username -l username_dbuser -p secret -t tablenames ] add|del
Writes database connection information to file accounts/databases/n (n is a number). Database passwords stored in plain text – DON’T USE THE ACCOUNT USERNAME / PASSWORD!
Automated web-site backup n/a n/a β ./backup -u username [-H HOSTNAME] Backs up web data from a remote host (the WEB_MASTER unless otherwise specified). Requests remote server to dump all databases. Fetches copy of database dumps and all files in public_html. Using rsync only changed files are transferred.
Make daily, weekly, monthly snapshots β β β ./rollover -u username
./rollover -u username [-d 7 -w 4 -m 6]
Rolls back snapshot backups, keeping by default 7 daily, 4 weekly and 6 monthly snapshots.
Set up second server β β β ./server add
./server -H HOST2NAME -a IP [-i IP -n IP -d WHM|BIND|NONE -o “VARNAME=value”] add|del
Second server defined just like the first. Neither has any specific role – a server may be master for some accounts and slave for others.
Set up slave account β β β ./account add
./account -H hostname -u username [-r SLAVE -o “VARNAME=value”] add|del
Second server defined for one account is automatically the slave.
Sync account data β β β ./sync_remote -u username
./sync_remote -u username [-H HOSTNAME]
Housekeeping – make both servers aware of their status, database data etc.
Automated web-site mirror β β β ./sync -u username Exactly like backup, but if both master and slave remote hosts are defined then download backup from the master and upload it to the slave. Warning: Don’t make any changes on the slave server – they will be lost when you sync!
Set up domain name β β β ./zone add
./zone -z example.com -u username add|del
Creates a directory accounts/ username/ zones/ example.com containing override.db, which defines what records should be changed on failover. Then using get_dns (below) attempts a zone transfer from the DNS_MASTER host and if successful saves the zone file as zone.db
Fetch zone information β β β ./get_dns -u username
./get_dns -u username [-z example.com -H HOSTNAME -s]
Requests zone transfer from DNS_MASTER host. Note – nameserver must allow zone transfer to your IP. CPanel by default allows transfers to all.
Update dns on servers α β β ./set_dns -u username
./set_dns -u username [-z example.com -H HOSTNAME -c]
Updates DNS_MASTER and DNS_SLAVE hosts with the current zone file for the account. Requires WHM remote-access key (WHM method) or access to update the nameserver (BIND method).
Set up cron jobs β β β ./cronjob add
./cronjob -c command -t timesperday -u username [-f] add|del
Add / remove cron job for an account.Default jobs are:
sync every 12 hours,
rollover every day,
monitor every 5 minutes (for servers with monitoring turned on).
Add all cron jobs to crontab automatically β β β ./setcron
./setcron [ -d -l -m mins -H hours -n all|error|none ]
Sets crontab to include all accounts with cron jobs set, plus monitoring.-d is dummy run, -l to list current active jobs (like crontab -l). -n to specify e-mail notification.
Monitor servers α α β
./monitor -i [ -H HOSTNAME ] -i to run interactively and display results. Default is to append to file system/monitor/YYYY-MM-DD-HH for later display via web.If HOSTNAME not given check all hosts with monitoring data defined.
Log error pre-α α β
./log_error file score host Not intended for interactive use – should only be called by monitor.pl (itself called by monitor). Receives an error notification, logs it to file and takes further action (error_manager, e-mail notification) if required.
Error manager pre-α α β
./error_manager Not intended for interactive use – should only be called by log_errors. Counts recent errors logged and handles changes of status (default GREEN, AMBER or RED) through set_status (below). Also adds itself to crontab to run repeatedly while there are any recent errors.
Set status pre-α α β
./set_status -H HOSTNAME -s RED [ -d ] Changes the status of a host server (in file system/status). If AUTO_FAILOVER is ‘y’ in config, also calls mod_dns to modify dns zone for each affected domain and then set_dns to update the dns servers. If an update fails or one of the nameservers is status RED, add a cron-job to keep trying.
ie. DNS failover when status goes RED, returning to normal when status goes GREEN.ToDo: This should be configurable per-domain, since failover on a static site would be much easier to live with.