Version 0.31 alpha

November 1st, 2006

The “it mostly works” release! If you try it out please be sure to let me know what you think – you can drop me an e-mail or add a comment here.


Changes in this version:

  • Many assorted bug fixes
  • Much improved monitoring, error logging and downtime management
  • Better Cygwin compatibility
  • Bandwidth limit applied to rsync transfers (thanks Steve!)


  1. Backup everything!
  2. If you have modified your scripts/config file, copy your changed settings and add them to the system/config file – as a general rule, make configuration changes in the system directory if they apply by default or in the individual host / account directory if they are specific to a host / account. No config changes should ever be made in the scripts directory, because the next version will overwrite them.
  3. Download and extract the new archive.
  4. Copy all extracted files into your clonepanel directory, overwriting those already there and maintaining the sub-directory structure. eg. if your clonepanel directory is “clonepanel” and you’ve extracted the new archive into “cp0.31”:
    cp -r cp0.31/* clonepanel/

Latest version should always be at:

This version is at:

Please see the installation instructions.