1. Software development

I develop in perl, php, javascript, xhtml and bash shell. All work is quoted on an hourly rate or fixed price to specific deliverables. For further information or to discuss your requirements in detail please contact me here.

2. Bug reports / feature requests

As a first option please share these as comments on the relevant post in the downloads category. If for some reason you don’t wish to do this then you’re welcome to e-mail me instead. I will take feature requests into account in deciding the future development of this software but naturally I can’t guarantee whether or when your request will be granted.

3. Help and support requests

If you need help installing, using or customizing ClonePanel for your web sites, please see section 1 above. If you don’t have a budget for paid support (and provided you’re using ClonePanel for non-commercial purposes) you may alternatively leave a comment on the documentation pages. I will try to respond to these as and when I have time, but please bear in mind that paid work will take priority.

4. Offers of help, code snippets, patches etc.

I’d be happy to receive these either by e-mail or as comments on the downloads page.

e-mail: chris [ the “at” sign ] clone panel [ full stop ] com.