Application updates

This site is now running on WordPress 2.1.2 with integrated Vanilla 1.1.2 forum. The integration (documented here) is still experimental – what isn’t on this site?! – so if you find any unusual behaviour please let me know.

Edit: It turns out that the update wasn’t quite as simple as I thought. In the new version of Vanilla the authenticator code (library/People/People.Class.Authenticator.php) has been changed to allow for the new security patch. The alternative People.Class.WordpressAuthenticator.php used for WordPress integration needs to be modified in the same way.

In detail, I edited the file library/People/People.Class.WordpressAuthenticator.php and replaced:

function GetIdentity() {

with this:

function GetIdentity() {
    if (!session_id()) {

from the new People.Class.Authenticator.php.

Hope this helps someone…

Edit 2: Make that Vanilla 1.1.1 – just once I get in really quick with an upgrade and look what happens… ;)

Edit 3: Hmm, now Vanilla 1.1.2… At least the above still works with no new changes.

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