Backup / monitoring system on a VPS

I just moved the main clonepanel system (for backup and monitoring) to a small Xen VPS from – 96Mb memory, 192Mb swap and 4Gb disk space (2Gb usable space with the operating system taking up the rest). A tiny package at a very reasonable price (US$12 per month), yet it’s performing brilliantly!

The biggest client account (a little over 500Mb in total) was syncronized – a complete download – the first time in 9.5 minutes (effectively around 900kB/s). Syncing a second time required 4 small databases dumped and downloaded plus checking all files (although none had changed) – all done in 9 seconds.

It’s early days yet but I really like the Xen system with dedicated memory that cannot be given away to other virtual servers on the same node – I’ve seen no trace of that little lag that seems so common on all Virtuozzo systems I’ve tried.

More reviews in the hosting category, coming shortly.

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