CPAN modules to load

Based on a standard Centos 4.3 distribution, the backup and sync functions of ClonePanel work immediately. However for manipulation of zone files and connecting to hosts to update nameservers using the WHM remote access key the following perl modules also need to be installed:

  • Net::DNS
  • Net::DNS::ZoneFile::Fast
  • HTML::TreeBuilder

The best way to do this, ensuring that all dependencies are satisfied, is to use CPAN – as root, type cpan and follow the prompts. Once cpan itself is installed and you have the cpan> prompt, the command “install modulename” will take care of everything!

Edit: This also applies to a Cygwin install, although in this case I had some tests fail that required a “force install Net::DNS::SEC” (a dependency of Net::DNS::ZoneFile::Fast).

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