Version 0.32 alpha

Another work-in-progress release, still alpha status but should be increasingly reliable with continuing minor bug-fixes.

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Changes in this version:

  • Most bug fixes at this stage involved monitoring and error logging / accounting functions
  • Monitoring now checks initially from the clonepanel server itself, then from a host server setup to act as a monitor proxy, then from another host server (if available) giving verification of downtime from three different locations.
  • Modified sync script to allow for jailshell failing to correctly return exit status of remote scripts
  • Added “backup” script (similar to the first part of sync but more flexible)


If you haven’t fully set up your previous version of clonepanel, or if there are problems with it then create a complete new installation by following the installation instructions. The new version will install into a directory “cp0.32” by default.

If you have an existing working system you’d like to upgrade, please follow these additional instructions:

  1. Backup everything!
  2. If you have modified your scripts/config file, copy your changed settings and add them to the system/config file – as a general rule, make configuration changes in the system directory if they apply by default or in the individual host / account directory if they are specific to a host / account. No config changes should ever be made in the scripts directory, because the next version will overwrite them.
  3. Download and extract the new archive (by default to directory cp0.32).
  4. (modified) Copy all files from the system, hosts, accounts and CPanel directories of your old clonepanel system into the new one. eg. upgrading from a default 0.31 install to 0.32:
    cp -r cp0.31/system/* cp0.32/system/

  5. If you’ve set up a shortcut link to clonepanel then remove it and create a new link to the new version.
  6. Remove any old clonepanel cron jobs: crontab -r to remove all jobs or crontab -e to be selective if you have other jobs set up for this user.
  7. Generate replacement cron-jobs for the new version: scripts/setcron (or you may want to start with scripts/setcron -n all to check that everything is working – this will send an e-mail message for every job that runs).

As always, feedback is more than welcome. To make your comments, please join the forum or add a comment here.

Latest version should always be at:

This version is at:

Please see the installation instructions.

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